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First name of Sleeping BeautyA
Leading lady role in Beauty and the BeastB
Baby teacup in Beauty and the BeastC
Mickey Mouse's best friendD
Main man in Tangled, his real nameE
The skunk in BambiF
The one who grants Aladdin his wishes G
The most cheerful out of the seven dwarfsH
Parrot in AladdinI
Tarzans girlfriendJ
Brother Bear star, little cubK
Best friend to Robin HoodL
Girl who pretends to be a man in order to defeat the HunsM
Best friend and later girlfriend to Simba in The Lion KingN
The wisest out of them all in Winnie The PoohO
Chameleon in TangledP
The 'Hunchback of Norte Dame'Q
Baboon in The Lion KingR
Crab adviser to Ariel in The Little MermaidS
Wimpy elephant in Tarzan T
Evil sea witch in The Little MermaidU
One of the daughters to Zira in the Lion King 2V
She travels to Neverland with her brothers and Peter PanW
The shortest one out of the trio who pick on a young recruite in the army in the film ........... (Answer to question 13)Y
A feisty Red-Billed Hornbill in The Lion KingZ

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