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Can you name the animated movies based on their award bait songs?

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Beauty And The Beast1991
Can You Feel The Love Tonight1994
Now And Forever1995
Let Me Be Your Wings1994
Flying Dreams1982
If I Never Knew You1995
You'll Be In My Heart1999
My Funny Friend And Me2000
I'm Still Here2002
I See The Light2010
Where The Dream Takes You2001
A Whole New World1992
I Thought I Lost You2008
Wherever The Trail May Lead2004
When You Believe1998
If We Hold On Together1988
When Somebody Loved Me1999
Our Town2006
Down To Earth2008
Father And Daughter2002
A Dream Worth Keeping1992
Far Longer Than Forever1994
Journey To The Past1997
Love Will Find A Way1998
Dreams To Dream1991
Your Heart Will Lead You Home2000
Wherever You Are1997
The More I Look Inside2003
The Prayer1998
Here I Am2002
Magic Of Love1997
At The Beginning1997
Reach For The Light1995
Whatever You Imagine1994
Once Upon A Time With Me1993
Love Survives1989
I Will Always Be With You1996
Bright Eyes1978
As Long As There's Christmas1997
Always Come Back To You1990
Holding Me2000
Do I Miss You1992
Love Is The Reason1990
Never Knew I Needed2009
Can Somebody Tell Me Who I Am2000
Look Through My Eyes2003
Go The Distance1997
Our Time Has Come1997
Part Of Your World1989

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