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1. Actress (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider)
2. Actress (V for Vendetta)
3. Actor (Casino Royale)
4. Actress (Sin City)
5. Actor (Pirates of the Caribbean)
6. Actress (Casino Royale)
7. Actor (Fight Club)
8. Actress (Lost in Translation)
9. Actress (Pirates of the Caribbean)
10. Actor (300)
11. Actor (Ocean's Eleven)
12. Actress (Die Another Day)
13. Actor (Batman Begins)
14. Actress (The Seven Year Itch)
15. Actor (X-Men)
16. Actress (The Illusionist)
17. Actor (Bourne Identity)
18. Actress (The Devil Wears Prada)
19. Actor (Cool Hand Luke)
20. Actress (Titanic)
21. Actor (Pirates of the Caribbean)
22. Actress (Underworld)
23. Actor (Harry Potter)
24. Actress (Desperado)
25. Actor (Closer)
26. Actress (Harry Potter)
27. Actor (Atonement)
28. Actor (The Matrix)
29. Actress (Monster)
30. Actor (A Streetcar Named Desire)
31. Actress (Notes on a Scandal)
32. Actor (Brokeback Mountain)
33. Actress (Batman Returns)
34. Actor (Gladiator)
35. Actress (The Matrix Reloaded)
36. Actor (Titanic)
37. Actress (The Constant Gardener)
38. Actor (Training Day)
39. Actress (The Country Girl)
40. Actor (Moulin Rouge!)
41. Actress (Batman Forever)
42. Actor (The Magnificent Seven)
43. Actress (Death Proof)
44. Actor (The Sixth Sense)
45. Actress (Chicago)
46. Actor (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
47. Actress (The Mask)
48. Actor (His Girl Friday)
49. Actor (Goldfinger)
50. Actress (Vicky Cristina Barcelona)
51. Actor (Gone with the Wind)
52. Actress (The Break-Up)
53. Actor (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
54. Actress (A Beautiful Mind)
55. Actor (The Italian Job)
56. Actress (Transformers)
57. Actress (Erin Brockovich)
58. Actor (I Am Legend)
59. Actress (Gilda)
60. Actress (Lord of the Rings)
61. Actor (The Time Traveler's Wife)
62. Actress (Amelie)
63. Actress (Walk the Line)
64. Actress (Hitch)
65. Actor (Y tu Mama Tambien)
66. Actress (The Blind Side)
67. Actor (The Amityville Horror)
68. Actress (The Notebook)
69. Actor (A History of Violence)
70. Actor (Say Anything..)
71. Actress (To Have or Have Not)
72. Actor (Leon: the Professional)
73. Actor (No Country for Old Men)
74. Actress (Aliens)
75. Actor (The Notebook)
76. Actress (Kill Bill)
77. Actor (American Gigolo)
78. Actress (Two Women)
79. Actor (Brokeback Mountain)
80. Actress (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
81. Actor (Top Gun)
82. Actress (Dead Man Walking)
83. Actor (Harry Potter)
84. Actress (Knocked Up)
85. Actor (Scarface)
86. Actress (Barbarella)
87. Actor (Bonnie and Clyde)
88. Actress (Layer Cake)
89. Actor (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)
90. Actress (Cleopatra)
91. Actor (Ray)
92. Actress (Belle de Jour)
93. Actor (Charlie St. Cloud)
94. Actress (Wedding Crashers)
95. Actor (Rebel Without a Cause)
96. Actress (Kill Bill)
97. Actress (Mission Impossible)
98. Actress (And God Created Woman)
99. Actor (Fantastic Four)
100. Actress (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)

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