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QUIZ: Can you name the AskMen's Top 99 Women of 2008

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1. American actress (Grey's Anatomy)
2. Brazilian model
3. English actress (Underworld)
4. American actress (The Spirit)
5. American actress (Sin City)
6. American actress (The Prestige)
7. American actress (The Illusionist)
8. Barbadian singer
9. American model
10. Brazilian model
11. American television presenter
12. American actress (Transformers)
13. English model
14. American singer
15. Israeli-American actress (Black Swan)
16. Brazilian super model
17. American actress (Nikita)
18. English singer
19. Australian model
20. Israeli model
21. American actress (Die Another Day)
22. Italian actress and model (The Matrix Reloaded)
23. American country singer
24. Canadian actress (24)
25. German super model
26. Spanish actress (Vicky Cristina Barcelona)
27. Indian actress
28. American television personality
29. American actress (Desperate Housewives)
30. American singer
31. Canadian model
32. American dancer
33. American television personality
34. English model
35. American actress (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)
36. American singer
37. Canadian actress (The Notebook)
38. Colombian singer
39. English actress (Atonement)
40. Canadian actress (Entourage)
41. Czech model
42. Swedish model
43. American singer and actress (Smash)
44. American actress (My Name is Earl)
45. Colombian model and actress (Modern Family)
46. English model and actress
47. American singer and actress (Public Affair)
48. American singer (Don't Cha)
49. Colombian actress
50. Japanese model and actress
51. American actress (Heroes)
52. Mexican actress (Frida)
53. American model and actress (Entourage)
54. English model and actress (G.I. Joe)
55. American singer (Hollaback Girl)
56. Italian television personality
57. American actress (Death Proof)
58. English model
59. American actress (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
60. Swedish-Canadian actress (Couples Retreat)
61. American actress (High School Musical)
62. American rapper
63. American actress (Rachel Getting Married)
64. Canadian singer (Promiscuous)
65. English singer and model
66. Indian television cook
67. Indian actress and model
68. English singer (Bleeding Love)
69. English model
70. Italian dancer
71. Australian actress (Notes on a Scandal)
72. American burlesque performer
73. Serbian tennis player
74. Model
75. American model and actress (The Dukes of Hazzard)
76. American actress (Heartbreakers)
77. American actress (Yes Man)
78. American actress (My Name is Earl)
79. Mexican actress (Eastbound & Down)
80. American actress (Charmed)
81. American singer and actress (Lizzie McGuire)
82. Australian actress (Mulholland Dr.)
83. American actress (Attack of the Show!)
84. American model and heiress
85. English actress (The Constant Gardener)
86. American actress (One Tree Hill)
87. French actress (La Vie en Rose)
88. American television personality
89. American actress (Scandal)
90. Russian-American actress (Resident Evil)
91. American actress (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)
92. American actress (Obsessed)
93. American singer (Dance with Your Boyfriend)
94. Chinese actress (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
95. American actress (Mean Girls)
96. Italian model
97. American television personality
98. American actress (The Office)
99. American actress (Gossip Girl)

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