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Forced Order
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artistsongLyrics from song
Shop BoyzIt's like a movie, and B he's supporting the cast
Soulja BoyO.K. my chain's too silly, O.K. my wrist's too silly
FlobotsLook at me, look at me, hands in the air like it's good to be alive
Kayne West Feat. Jaime FoxxCutie the bomb, met her at the beauty salon
Lil' WayneOh, yeah I like that
AkonFrom left to right I watched her go down
DisturbedFeed on nothing, you'll never live up to me
Rev TheoryGet ready to go, she ain't moving slow
Dynamite MCCan I ask you a question girl?
An Endless Sporadicno words in this song; sorry!
Feezy 350I love a pretty girl, and money is my mission
Maroon 5Caught you in the morning with another one in my bed
Chris BrownI gotta get out of here man, and I just wanna leave you with, if you ain't got it by now, then you just ain't getting it
Gym Class HerosIt's been time since we last spoke, and this is gonna sound like a bad joke
Weezerthe driver said, hey man we go all the way
Rolling StonesI see the girls go by, dressed in their summer clothes
T.I.All in the V.I.P. spendin' 4 or 5 stacks
Weird AlMusic and blasters and old Jedi Masters
D.J. Felli FelThe flow's insane and the stoke is crazy
MetallicaThis fight he cannot win
Kayne WestYou need to watch the way your talking to me yo
Kid CudiHe's all alone, some things will never change
Lil' JonNow take it to the flo'
AkonI wouldn't leave you, 'cause your that type of girl to make me stay
Jamie Foxx feat. T-PainGirl what you drinking, don't let it sink it
artistsongLyrics from song
DrakeAnd tellin' that girl she the one for me
Living ColourI saw the things, you need to be
36 MafiaYeah she went front to back, yeah she went side to side
Saving AbleIt's not like you to turn away
Flo RidaThat's when I threw her legs on my shoulders I knew it was over
Black Eyed PeasPut your hands in the air
Tech N9ne...on the dance floor all the way in V.I.P.
Lil' WayneTotally dude you should see their faces when they see this robot can move
PitbullLet me tell you what we gonna do 2 plus 2...
Kevin RudolfBut it broke his heart, so he stuck his middle finger to the world to the world to the world
ColdplayPeople couldn't believe what I'd become
Black SabbathHas he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind?
Stat QuoLook at here, guess what it's me, the one and only S-T-A-T
The Lonely IslandThe spread is bland, saurkraut and boiled goose
ummm... Rocky Balboa... i guessFlying high now
Led ZeppelinI'm a traveler of both time and space
LudacrisNow your doing it on the dance floor
Shorty Da KidTake it to the flo' baby girl let me see you get low
Black Eyed PeasThe 21st century until infinity
Hollywood Undeadodd japanese music
AC/DCMy friends are gonna be there too.
PapooseGot a lotta stamina 'cause I've trained for some weeks, got my strength from the vitamins in the grains that I eat
EminemNow everone report to the dance floor
Fort MinorSome days I want to quit, and just be normal for a bit

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