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No. of GoalsAnswerDetails
32Egypt, Liverpool
30England, Tottenham
21Argentina, Man City
20England, Leicester
18England, Man CIty
16Belgium, Man United
15Brazil, Liverpool
14France, Arsenal
13Brazil, Man City
12Belgium, Chelsea
12Algeria, Leicester
12England, Brighton
11Austria, West Ham
11Spain, Chelsea
11South Korea, Tottenham
10Gabon, Arsenal
10Denmark, Tottenham
10Senegal, Liverpool
10Serbia, Crystal Palace
10England, Everton
10Germany, Man City
10New Zealand, Burnley
9England, Tottenham
9Austria, Burnley
9France, Man United
9Chile, Man United
9Spain, Man City
9Ivory Coast, Crystal Palace
8Belgium, Man City
8Mexico, West Ham
8Norway, Bournemouth
8England, Man United
8Senegal, Everton
8Spain, Newcastle
8Switzerland, Stoke
8England, Bournemouth
7Spain, Chelsea
7England, Southampton
7Ghana, Swansea
7Brazil, Liverpool
7France, Watford
7France, Chelsea
7Germany, Brighton
7Benin, Huddersfield
7Wales, Arsenal
7England, Man United
7England, West Brom
7Venezuela, West Brom
6Senegal, Stoke
6Belgium, Huddersfield
6England, Newcastle
6Japan, Leicester
6France, Man United
6Portugal, Man City
6Serbia, Southampton
6Brazil, Chelsea
5England, Swansea
5Cameroon, Stoke
5England, Stoke
5England, Watford
5Brazil, Man City
5Scotland, Bournemouth
5Italy, Southampton
5England, Watford
5Colombia, Brighton
5Argentina, West Ham
5Scotland, Crystal Palace
5Spain, Arsenal
5Argentina, Watford
5Brazil, Watford
5England, Bourenmouth
5Turkey, Everton
5Netherlands, Crystal Palace
5England, Arsenal
4England, Everton
4England, Bournemouth
4Belgium, Man United
4Germany, Man City
4Spain, Newcastle
4Australia, Huddersfield
4England, West Ham
4Argentina, Man City
4Germany, Arsenal
No. of GoalsAnswerDetails
4Spain, Chelsea
4Iceland, Everton
4England, Man United
4Wales, Burnley
3England, West Ham
3Ghana, West Ham
3Belgium, Crystal Palace
3Germany, Liverpool
3England, West Ham
3England, Swansea
3Brazil, Man City
3Northern Ireland, Southampton
3England, Leicester
3Spain, Leicester
3Nigeria, Leicester
3Nigeria, Arsenal
3Netherlands, Watford
3Wales, Swansea
3France, Brighton
3England, Newcastle
3Spain, Man United
3Armenia, Arsenal
3Nigeria, Chelsea
3Germany, Arsenal
3England, Liverpool
3Scotland, Newcastle
3Mali, Crystal Palace
3England, Crystal Palace
3Ecuador, Man United
3Netherlands, Huddersfield
3England, Everton
3Northern Ireland, Southamton
2Netherlands, Bournemouth
2England, Leicester
2Wales, Stoke
2Canada, Burnley
2Ghana, Newcastle
2Ivory Coast, Tottenham
2Spain, Chelsea
2England, Everton
2France, Chelsea
2Belgium, Chelsea
2Spain, Arsenal
2Ivory Coast, Swansea
2Morocco, Southampton
2Ireland, Newcastle
2England, Bourenmouth
2England, Burnley
2Wales, Tottenham
2England, Everton
2England, West Brom
2Senegal, Newcastle
2Northern Ireland, West Brom
2Spain, Chelsea
2England, Bournemouth
2Iceland, Burnley
2Senegal, Everton
2Egypt, West Brom
2Israel, Brighton
2Ireland, Burnley
2England, Watford
2England, Bournemouth
2England, Huddersfield
2Belgium, Watford
2Brazil, Newcastle
2Bosnia and Herzegovina, Arsenal
2France, Arsenal
2Senegal, West Ham
2Argentina, Tottenham
2England, West Brom
2England, Crystal Palace
2Ireland, Southampton
2Croatia, Liverpool
2England, Leicester
2Portugal, West Ham
2England, Swansea
2France, Bournemouth
2Senegal, Stoke
2Spain, West Ham
2Scotland, West Brom
2Wales, West Brom
2Germany, Chelsea
2Senegal, West Ham
No. of GoalsAnswerDetails
2Egypt, Stoke
2England, Southampton
2England, West Brom
2South Korea, Swansea
2England, Bournemouth
2England, Crystal Palace
2Japan, Southampton
2England, Man United
1England, Liverpool
1England, Bourenmouth
1Ivory Coast, Man United
1England, West Brom
1Poland, Southampton
1DR Congo, Everton
1Ireland, Burnley
1Uruguay, Watford
1France, Watford
1Peru, Watford
1Belgium, West Brom
1England, Watford
1Wales, West Ham
1England, West Ham
1England, Bourenmouth
1England, Crystal Palace
1Belgium, Burnley
1England, Man City
1Spain, Watford
1England, Chelsea
1England, Brighton
1Spain, Watford
1Netherlands, Swansea
1Argentina, Swansea
1England, West Brom
1Scotland, Stoke
1England, Newcastle
1England, Liverpool
1England, Liverpool
1Spain, Stoke
1Germany, Huddersfield
1France, Chelsea
1Estonia, Liverpool
1Belgium, Man City
1Gabon, Southampton
1Spain, Tottenham
1Netherlands, Brighton
1England, Huddersfield
1Ireland, Burnley
1Brazil, Chelsea
1England, Brighton
1Serbia, Man United
1Cameroon, Liverpool
1Ireland, West Brom
1Spain, Newcaslte
1Germany, Arsenal
1Serbia, Newcastle
1Scotland, West Brom
1England, Newcastle
1Netherlands, Swansea
1Italy, West Ham
1Italy, Watford
1England, Huddersfield
1England, Southampton
1Scotland, Liverpool
1Spain, Southampton
1Senegal, Newcastle
1France, Crystal Palace
1England, Stoke
1England, Newcastle
1France, Tottenham
1Algeria, Newcastle
1England, Bournemouth
1England, Liverpool
1Argentina, Brighton
1Netherlands, Swansea
1Mali, Watford
1Kenya, Tottenham
1Ireland, Burnley
1Netherlands, Liverpool
1Wales, Everton
1England, Arsenal
1Switzerland, Arsenal
1Italy, Chelsea
1France, Stoke

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