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OccupationFull Name
Delivery boy of Planet Express
Pilot & Captain of Planet Express
In charge of sales Planet Express
Founder of Planet Express
Bureacrat of Planet Express
Intern of Planet Express
√2 News Reader
√2 News Reader
Captain of the Nimbus 2000
4th Leiutenant of the Nimbus 200 & Zapp's assistant
Amy's father
Leela's father
Proffesser/Farnsworth's rival
The Proffesser's clone
Hermes' rival/runner
Hermes' wife
Robot Mafia leader
Robot Mafia
Robot Mafia
African Turtle
Doctor of Planet Express
Cryogenesist 'Welcome to the world of tommorow'
Leela's mother
Amy's mother
President of Earth
Ran for election
Ran for election
Actor on All My Circuits
Janitor of Planet Express
Inventer of the ability to keep heads alive in jars
Head in the Head Museam
Harlem Globetrotter
Captain of the Harlem Globetrotters
Ruler of Omicron Persei 8
Lrrr's second wife
Owner of 99.7% of MomCorp
Nibblonian Lord
1st ever on the moon/author of Earth In The Balance & Harry Potter And The Balance Of Earth
OccupationFull Name
Actor in All My Circuits (Calculon's half brother)
Control every being in the universe
Collect all data in the universe & kill all inteligent beings
Head of Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium
Spaceman's Robot Daughter
Hermes' son
Chef & host of TV Cooking show
Hubert's experiment/student at Mars University/Talking Monkey
Insert money for a Gypsy-Bot
Crazy Cat Lady
Robot programmed to eat
Hedonismbot's servant
H.G Blob's son
Giant toad which can hypnotize anyone or anything
Kwanzaa Holiday Robot
Hanukkah Holiday Zombie
Owner of a Hovercar dealsmanship
Leela's ex-Kung Fu Master
Fry's ex-girlfriend
Grand Curator of the Leigon of Mad Fellows
Italian-American owner of the pizzaria where Fry worked in the 20th centuary
The proffesser's Gargoyle
Chain-smoker & keen gambler
Gay man
Criminally insane stab-robot
Leader of Robot Hell
Evil Christmas Holiday Robot
Anything he's no good at
Peace Officer
Robot Peace Officer
Leader of the Vice Presidential Action Rangers
Orphan-Bot with one leg shorter than the other & a crutch for an arm
Host of new year's eve 2999
Head of M.E.A.T.
OccupationFull Name
Free Waterfall Jr.'s father
Leader of the Feministas
Right hand man of 9/Member of the Leigon Of Mad Fellows
Head Museam Worker
Leader of Nude Scam Artists
Member of Nude Scam Artists
Member of Nude Scam Artists
Fry's brother
Erotic Dancer/The Donbot's wife
Robot Bodyguard
Member of Robot House
Mom's son/owns 0.1% of MomCorp
Mom's son/owns 0.1% of MomCorp
Mom's son/owns 0.1% of MomCorp
Employee of Eddie's Hovercar Dealmanship
Doctor of the asylum
Nurse of the asylum
Robot in the asylum
Robot in the asylum
Robot in the asylum
Robot in the asylum
Robot in the asylum
Robot in the asylum
Robot child actor
Robot child actor
Robot child actor
Robot child actor
Billionare Robot Wrestler
Smoking Robot Wrestler
Filming Speaker Robot
Star Trek Actor
Star Trek Actor
Star Trek Actor

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