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What became a symbol of American economic power and technological know-how?
What year did Congress enact legislation to slow immigration?
Closing of frontier. Where did Americans go to expand power?
What was the northward migration of southern blacks called?
What political party where blacks attracted to?
When did women gain the right to vote?
Short hair, less restrictive clothing. Smoker, drinker, relaxed sexuality. What was this woman called?
What was the restriction of the sale of alcoholic beverages called?
What alternatives to capitalism appealed to many Americans, especially intellectuals?
Peak of unemployment during the Great Depression?
Henry Ford's assembly line made what affordable?
What were advertising and products geared toward?
New Science shatters what previous scientific worldview?
New science strikes a blow against what religious worldview?
What year is modernism said to have begun in?
What year is modernism said to have ended in?
What did modernism emphasize?
What was modernism skeptical toward?
Whose psychological theories did it emphasize?
View toward itself?
Abandoned what traditional ideas?
Embraced what ideas?
A general sense of?
Modernist paintings?
Modernist music?

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