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Can you name the answers to the questions in the Wonderfalls quiz?

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What network cancelled Wonderfalls?
How many episodes did Wonderfalls air before being axed?
Who is the actress that plays Jaye Tyler?
What object first speaks to Jaye?
Who is the creator of Wonderfalls?
How many days was Eric Gotts married before meeting Jaye Tyler?
What did Heidi give to the bellman that caused Eric to leave her?
Where do Mahandra and Eric work?
How many episodes were filmed in total?
What does Gretchen keep mistakenly calling Mahandra?
Who initially played the character of Aaron Tyler?
What reflects in Eric's eyes when Jaye informs him that she told Heidi that she was servicing Eric sexually?
Which object causes Jaye to run over her father with the car?
How many words did Jaye have in Karen's book?
What university did Jaye graduate from?
What degree does Jaye have?
How many words does Jaye get in the 'Today's America'?
What area of law does Sharon Tyler practice?
Where does Eric get married for the 2nd time?
What does Eric do when he walks into the Fountain of Love for the first time?
Who sets Eric's car on fire after seeing Eric and Jaye kissing?
Who does Jaye like spying on in the trailer park?
Where is Eric and Jaye's first date?
What does Aaron challenge Mahandra to do?
What hits Heidi to result in her 'amnesia'?
What object does Aaron first see Jaye talking to?
What is Karen Tyler's occupation?
Where is Wonderfalls located?
What 'poison' does Heidi give to Eric?
What year was Wonderfalls released?

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