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Can you name the questions pertaining to Killian Mitchell?

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What is Killian's father's name?
Which of Killian's neighbor graces the cover of the Phork Phukker's first album?
What is Killians stage name in the Phork Phukkerr?
Who was Killian's favorite wrestler until his abrupt retirement?
What team did Killian pick to with 2012 NCAA torunament?
What is Killian's favorite basketball team?
Name one of Killians many nicknames for Marc Fillion?
Which teacher accused Marc Fillion of sending minions when he asked Killian to check basketball scores?
What does Killian believe to be the greatest show ever?
On what MW2 map did Killian get a nuke on by camping for 15 minutes?
Name of Killian's large, annoying dog?
Who was Killian's girlfriend for a whole recess in 5th grade?
Killian's first and only Xbox gamertag
Killian's rookie quarterback in his Madden 08 Franchise
When Killian was allowed to pick his baseball number what did he pick?
Killian picked this number because of what element?
Killian's infamous nickname for a certain overweight baseball player in bridges
Killian and Big Head fought over who would sing what song in Beatles rock band?
Killian told Evan and Pelletier to do what in a porter potty?
As of November 7th, 2012, Killian can name how many elements?
What was the name of Killian's russian alias?
Killian had a wide open and potentional game winning shot with what player when his controller disconnected in NBA Live 09?
Which Pistons player was famously wide open on every play during a Pistons-Kicks game we attended?
Killians began to bleed from the mouth when he was given what wrestling move by Joe Connelly
What was Killians main position when he played baseball?

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