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Quickest Royal Rumble Entrant EverBeware of the Cobra
The answer to every questionCmon u know it
Woo Woo Woo you know itOh Radio
TNA Phillipino HighflyerMichael Paris
Biggest Tits in TNANot Traci Brooks
Best Ass in ALL of WRESTLINGfigure it out
The one man southern rock bandMarc's Fav
Joe Puglisi's favorite TNA wrestlertoo easy
Joe Puglisi's favorite TNA knockouttooooo! easy
Killian's favorite TNA knockout40 years old
TNA wrestler in awful story with DevonIt involves kids
Capetown Werewolf450
Worst Wrestler in WWE12NOT Otunga
Biggest Tits in WWEBret Harts Niese
Epico and Primo's sexy valetIt ryhmes with bosa fendes
Worst WWE ThemeLost to Jinder last week
WWE Hot Lithuanian ****Wants to have sex with Teddy Long
WWE Superstar that has a f'd up neckJoe commonly mistakes him for Regal
TNA knockout that ass grinds the ropesIDK
A-Rods GirlfriendPlayboy Cover Girl
TNA Wrestler who only talks and cheatsVery annoying
TNA Knockout who is a bit of a screamerVERYYYYYYYYY annoying
TNA Knockout that looks like a rectangleHas Big Tits
WWE Wrestler that overly sweatsSexual Chocalate
WWE Diva in Marble Huffman's TitantronIn WWE12

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