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QUIZ: Do you know the Cube Members and their friends?

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Started off by SkyDoesMinecraft
Has a cat named Milquetoast
Builds most of Graser's survival challenges
Rod, rod, rod
'I can see the sun'
'It's your friend, ____'
Manager of Team Flux
Originally MistaCrayola
Is pansexual
The Leaker
An owner of the UHC Zone relating to chickens
Mr. Fartez
Left YouTube for art school
Has the highest UHC win ratio of 3:2
Makes 'How To Be a Minecraft Youtuber' series
Original name was xSMDx____x
Made music videos early on YouTube
Came second in UHC S1
Sting a Like!
Best friends with Poke
Owner of Mineplex
Revealed face on 'MyLifeIsAVlog'
Known for his death in a desert temple
A highschooler named Dylan
First series was a survival island with low FPS
Newest Cube member, debuting in a survival challenge
Hosts most of the Cube Events
The British Cube builder
Logo is a blue knit owl hat.
He traveled to the sun and back, twice.
Dr. Pepper is his bae
Was killed by an enderman at the end of UHC S4
Known for his smile
Does most of the graphics
Inactive due to Cube conflicts, but uploads some
The first Cube SMP President

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