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Can you name the characters in ASOIAF whose allegiance belongs to House Martell

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Lord of Sunspear, Prince of Dorne
His wife, of the Free City of Norvos
Heir to Sunspear
A new made-knight, fostered at Yronwood
Betrothed to (#26)
His sworn shield
Raped and murdered during the Sack of King's Landing
Her daughter, murdered during the Sack of King's Landing
Her son, a babe at the breast, murdered during the Sack of King's Landing
Slain by Ser Gregor Clegane during a trial by combat
His paramour, natural daughter of (#33)
His daughter by an oldtown w***e
His daughter by a noblewoman of Old Volantis
His daughter by a septa
His daughter by a trader captain from the Summer Isles
His daughter by (#11)
His daughter by (#11)
His daughter by (#11)
His daughter by (#11)
Of Norvos, Captain of guards
Counsellor, healer and tutor at the Water Gardens
Counsellor, healer and tutor at Sunspear
Seneschal of Sunspear, old and blind
Castellan at Sunspear
Lord treasurer of Sunspear
A ward, betrothed to (#5)
Her sworn shield, slain by (#20)
Her bedmain and companion, a distant cousin
Lord of Yronwood, Warden of the Stone Way, the Bloodroyal
His eldest daughter, m. (#35)
His son and heir
His youngest daughter, a girl of twelve
Lord of Hellholt
Lady of Godsgrace
Her son and heir, m. (#30)
Lord of Kingsgrave
Lady of Blackmont
Lady of Ghost Hill
Lord of Sandstone
The Knight of Lemonwood
Lord of Skyreach, Warden of the Prince's Pass
The Knight of Spottswood
Lord of Starfall, a squire
Lord of the Tor
Lord of Salt Shore
Lord of the Red Dunes

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