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Can you name the parts of the body?

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Body PartIt is the...
the 'yes' vertebrae is...
the 'no' vertebrae is...
the breastbone is actually called...
the sternum ends with the _____ process
the adipose tissue in Leyman terms is the --- of a person
how many cervical vertebrae are there?
the mandible is your...
kneecap is the
Body PartIt is the...
Michael Jackson was missing his cartilage on the _____ bone of his face... They took cartilage from his ear and sticked it to his ___ bone
a baby is attached to mommy via what kinda cord?
achilles tendon attaches to the
The pituitary gland is situated in the...
the sac that contains the heart...
Lance Armstrong is missing one of his ...
vessels carrying blood TO the heart....

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