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QUIZ: Can you name the facts of the Central Eastern Europe countries?

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River which runs through Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria
Second largest city in the Czech republic
Location of the second biggest structure in the world, Europes biggest administrative building
Vojvodina is located in which country
The 'UFO bridge' is located in which city
You would pay by zloty in?
The Moldovan language is closest to which language?
Name of the biggest lake in Hungary
The cities: Nitra, Poprad, Zilina and Pezinok are located in which country?
The famous shoe producer Tomas Bata comes from?
Name of the film-maker known for movies like Arizona Dream or Underground
The famous composer Bela Bartok is which nationality?
Which city bears is in the name of the mutual defense treaty between 8 communist states of Europe (1955-91)
Blue-yellow-red stripes on the flag
The name of the slavic state which existed in central europe in the 9th century: Great ______

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