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Can you name the 100 Greatest Movie Musicals According to Digital Dream Door??

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1952Gene Kelly
1939Judy Garland
*1965Julie Andrews
1962Robert Preston
*1961Natalie Wood
*1964Audrey Hepburn
1972Liza Minnelli
1944Judy Garland
1956Yul Brynner
*1951Gene Kelly
1942James Cagney
1949Gene Kelly
1954Judy Garland
1955Gordon MacRae
1958Mitzi Gaynor
1968Barbra Streisand
1964Julie Andrews
1935Fred Astaire
1953Fred Astaire
1978John Travolta
1936Irene Dunne
1954Howard Keel
1959Sidney Poitier
*1958Leslie Caron
1955Frank Sinatra
1979Roy Scheider
1933Ruby Keeler
1969Barbra Streisand
*2002Renée Zellweger
1956Gordon MacRae
*1968Mark Lester
1962Rosalind Russell
1974Lucille Ball
1942Bing Crosby
1948Judy Garland
1954Gene Kelly
1975Tim Curry
1938Tyrone Power
1979Treat Williams
1950Betty Hutton
1945Frank Sinatra
1957Audrey Hepburn
1971Gene Wilder
1955Howard Keel
1961Nancy Kwan
1969Clint Eastwood
1939Mickey Rooney
1953Kathryn Grayson
1934Fred Astaire
2001Nicole Kidman
1968Fred Astaire
1935Nelson Eddy
1985Michael Douglas
1942Judy Garland
1958Gwen Verdon
1975Barbra Streisand
1986Rick Moranis
1973Ted Neeley
2004Gerard Butler
1967Richard Harris
1964Catherine Deneuve
1975Roger Daltrey
1982Carol Burnett
1980Irene Cara
1967Julie Andrews
1946Judy Garland
1977Robert De Niro
1964John Lennon
1956Bing Crosby
1936Fred Astaire
1973Victor Garber
1980Dan Aykroyd
1982Dolly Parton
1966Zero Mostel
1964Debbie Reynolds
1954Bing Crosby
1941Judy Garland
1967Rex Harrison
1955Rory Calhoun
1936Bing Crosby
1967Robert Morse
1933Warren Williams
1953Doris Day
1954Ann Blyth
2006Jamie Foxx
1940Mickey Rooney
*1929Charles King
1957Frank Sinatra
1972William Daniels
1953Ethel Merman
1949Judy Garland
1960Frank Sinatra
2005Anthony Rapp
1964Elvis Presley
1970Barbra Streisand
1978Diana Ross

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