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QUIZ: Can you name the Supernatural Character by Haiku?

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HaikuCharacter Name
Not normal hunter, I took over for Bobby, Now I'm a werewolf
I grew up too fast, Sacrifice for my loved ones, We got work to do
I was killed by ghouls, My dad was never around, And I'm still in Hell
Business in the front, I ended up in heaven, Party in the back
I am a huge nerd, Went with Dorothy to Oz, Been brought back to life
I loved God the most, I will never lie to you, You cannot beat me
I had the worst job, but from Lucifer himself, Tricked the Winchesters
HaikuCharacter Name
Got screwed in all this, Reading is fundamental, Please don't kill me
Research is my thing, I wanted to be normal, That never works out
Love my beer and sports, You can't prove I kissed Crowley, I raised those idjits
I make a good deal, Almost turned human again, King of the Crossroads
You can't catch me John, I planned this out from the start, I caused Sam's 'powers'
I do like my sweets, My methods have a lesson, Hey Luci I'm home!
I don't understand, I learned that from the pizza man, I'll just wait here then

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