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Who is the mortal girl who helps Percy at the Hoover Dam?
What is Zeus's offer to Percy at the end of book 5?
Who is Percy's half brother?
What is Percy's sword called?
Who is the god that tells Annabeth she needs to make a choice?
Which of Artemis's hunters give themselves as sacrifices in 'The Titans Curse'?
What does Percy get from bathing in the river Stxy?
What is Thalia afraid of?
Who are the children of the big three gods still alive at the end of book 5(that we know of)?
What did Rachel hit the titan lord Kronos with?
Whose lifeline did Percy see cut in the first book?
What is Percy's mother name?
Who helped Percy kill the monster at triple 'G' ranch
Where did Annabeth and Percy find the labyrinth entrance at camp half-blood?
Who is Percy's 'lost' love, the one he'll never know if it would've worked out?
What monster did Percy first fight?

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