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Can you name the Facts of Metis and Athena?

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Daughter of Zeus and Metis
Metis slipped who the drugged drink?
Metis means
Who did Zeus eat?
Athena came out of who's head?
Who was Zeus's favorite child?
Zeus had a passion for?
Who was Zeus' first wife?
Metis also means
Who were fearful when Metis was expecting?
It was said Metis would have how many children?
How many children did Metis actually give birth to?
How many children did Zeus give birth to?
Who has equal strength and wisdom to Zeus?
Metis was a?
Athena was born wearing?
Athena was the patron goddess of?
Athena was also the patron goddess of?
What happened to Metis?
Did Metis ever have a son?

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