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Can you name the LOST Characters by their Death

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Killed by the smoke monster
Strangled by Ben Linus
Sacrificed himself by blowing up a time bomb
Shot by Martin Keamy
Alex's Mother who was also shot
Also shot by Michael but didn't die right away
Fell of cliff in an abandon airplane
Blew up on a boat filled with C4
Shot by Ana-Lucia
Killed while sacrificing himself to save the rest of the captives on the island
Shot 6 times by Charlie
Also Blown up by dynamite accidentally in Season 1
Blown up by dynamite accidentally
Stayed with wife and drowned
Got behind a pipe and drowned
Shot by his mother in the past
Died through time travel
Sacrificed her self by blowing up a hydrogen bomb
Drowned in a Dharma station
Shot by Michael

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