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Can you name the Emo Band (Hardcore/Screamo)?

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An AlbumBandA Hit Song
Scream Aim FireWaking The Demon
His Last WalkWhat's Left Of Me
As If Everything Was Held In PlaceIt Must Belong Somewhere
They're Only Chasing SafetyWriting On The Walls
The Great I AmA Prophecy In Reverie
In Love And DeathTake It Away
A Sacrament Ill CityCome Serenity
Guidebook For Sinners Turned SaintsLate Nights
Lead Sails Paper AnchorBleeding Mascara
Those We Leave BehindLover's Requiem
An Ocean Between UsThe Darkest Nights
Where Myths Fade To LegendsApology
The End Of HeartacheMy Curse
OvercomeThe Air That I Breathe
With Roots Above And Branches BelowNumber Three Never Forget
Let Your Body Take OverThe Unordinary Life
Downtown Battle MountainLemon Meringue Tie
RelativityThe Past Should Stay Dead
To Plant A SeedIntentions
You Can't Spell Slaughter Without LaughterThings That Rhyme With Orange
An AlbumBandA Hit Song
In Search Of Solid GroundI Keep My Secrets Safe
Built By BloodLegends Die
This War Is OursThe Guillotine
Wires And The Concept Of BreathingEva The Carrier
Things Aren't So Beautiful Now99 With An Anchor
A Heartbeat BehindButterflies
I LuciferSaints
EmpireBattle Royale
3DComfortably Confused
Someday Came SuddenlyStick Stickly
When Everything FallsThe Oracle
The Sufferer And The WitnessGive It All
Ember To InfernoAscendancy
City Of EvilBat Country
RattlesnakeThe Shooting Star That Destroyed Us All
Identity CrisisThe Artist In The Ambulance
ConstellationsThe Truth Of A Liar
Music For The Recently DeceasedNever Never Land
Stand Up And ScreamHey There Mr. Brooks
War All The TimeUnderstanding In A Car Crash

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