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Which movie in the Lord if the Rings triology has the highest Adjusted Gross according to boxofficemojo.com? the Return of the King (A) or the Two Towers (B)
Which word rhymes with 'war'? Dyal (A) or Bohr (B)
Anatomy of the Snake! What is the alternative name of vomeronasal organ that starts with J? Jacobson's (A) or Jackson's (B)
Which singer/celebrities has the most Hot 100 No. 1 on billboard? The Beatles (A) or Mariah Carey (B)
Hamlet is a.... work by Shakespeare (A) or a young adult fiction created with the last 10 years (B)
Answer this simple logic question regarding Maths. 5! + 5 is bigger than 121 (A) or smaller than 121 (B)
How many stars are there on the logo of the Council of Europe? 15 (A) or 12 (B)
Mythology in Zelda! How many Golden Goddesses descended upon chaos to create Hyrule? 3 (A) or 4 (B)
Uncle Pennybags is a character of Monopoly (A) or super mario series (B)?
Taylor Swift has an Audi R8 (A) or Audi RS 4 (B)?
The color of The alphabet 'R' in the logo of Computer software/language 'R' is red (A) or blue (B)?
The author of A Song of Ice and Fire is George R. R. Martin (A) or Katie Tsoi (B)?
Excellence in Broadway theatre is related to Tony award (A) or Emmy award (B)?

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