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QUIZ: Can you name the Famous Aliens?

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Also known as The Man of Steel or The Last Son of Krypton
Crash landed in the garage of the Tanner family
Appeared in five movies and as a playable character on Soul Calibur IV
He is the main enemy of Flash Gordon
Made a deal with Galactos to serve as his herald in order for his home planet to be saved from destruction
A Gungan from the planet Naboo, he was used as comic relief in the Star Wars saga
He is a young, pink, male ball from the planet Pop Star
This creature who demolished Manhattan is 30 storeys tall and is covered in parasites that can attack people
High Commander of an expedition to study earth; teaches Physics at a university
He looks like a dog, but is actually a Remoolian
Only character besides Arthur Dent to appear in all 'Hitchhiker's Guide' books
An alien from Ork sent to Earth to learn about humans
Hung out with Elliott, who helped him phone home
His character inspiration was George Lucas' Alaskan Malamute
This half-Vulcan/half-human character was asked to be dropped because of his slightly satanic appearance
The second Jetson pet, he has spring-like legs and can change color
An alien genetic experiment gone awry, he was banished to an asteroid but managed to escape to Hawaii
Lived on asteroid B612 and fell in love with a rose
An evil alien witch, she was the main antagonist in the original Power Rangers series
Was once a store greeter in his home planet and now lives with the Smith family

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