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Like ice, the embraced heart slowly starts to thaw
I got you under my skin
'O'-'O'-'O' let's do this
My music is my life...For you, for you smileJaejoong & Micky
Now, I cry under my skin.1st Line of Rap and Song
Bye bye bye bye my love, Can you hear me?
Baby Sky All in the dreams and hopes made of your eyes
Proud of your love...
Whenever you look in my eyes, there are so many smiles and tearsInternational Version
I’m Sorry. You got the wrong number so don't call me no more
Every time, everyday. Now, everybody's a survivor
Like flowers my Lady
Break a trick break a trick baby try now
Everybody tonight, funkination, na na na na feel so right, stand up party tonight
I can't open my eyes... Darkness on my eyes
Believe in love. You're the only love forever
Every day and night with you
Let you dance away. Don't you know yeah. I'll stand by your sideSubaru Soundtrack
You gotta purple like that
Come on let's go baby baby oh we share the one world

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