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Can you name the Celebrities parodied on the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy sketches?

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Portrayed ByCelebrityFinal Jeopardy Answer
Darrell HammondDrew a horse having sex with Alex Trebek
Norm MacDonaldVanished, podium and all, convincing all except Trebek that he was never there to begin with
Martin ShortAn outline of his hand
Darrell HammondA lengthy off-topic monologue
John GoodmanThe word 'POOP'
Darrell HammondMiso Horny, when asked to name his favourite food
Matthew PerryVal Kilmer sucks
Molly ShannonA picture of an eye, because of the letter I when asked to name a letter
David DuchovnyThe number 2 when asked to name a letter
Ben StillerAnswered 'Go', Wagered 'For It'
Jimmy FallonAbbie Doobie
Jimmy FallonLost his podium
Drew BarrymoreNo answer because the pen was too heavy for her to lift
Jimmy FallonThreeve, when asked to write any number
Portrayed ByCelebrityFinal Jeopardy Answer
Tobey MaguireNo answer, but wagered Eleventy Billion Dollars
Jimmy FallonGave an Oscar acceptance speech in lieu of an answer
Jimmy FallonNo answer, instead he stuck his pen through his own hand
Lucy LiuWrote in her own question - What sound does a doggy make? - and couldn't answer it
Horatio SanzWhen asked to write what he liked, wrote Monkeys, then confessed he hates them making his answer incorrect
Ana GasteyerWrote nothing, because she was so rich that she didn't need the money
Dean EdwardsMy Mouth
Reese WitherspoonPosted her resume, which listed celebrities she had slept with
Jimmy FallonHad Final Jeopardy interrupted by the real Alex Trebek
Winona RyderHad Final Jeopardy interrupted by the real Alex Trebek
Kenan ThompsonFrazzle Snazzle
Amy PoehlerA filthy word, which she claimed her dog wrote
Kristen WiigSpelled a colleagues name she found funny, and wagered that she'd be passed out in an hour
Played himselfBroke his podium

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