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Can you name the Characters played by Bob and David on Mr. Show?

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David Cross
'Get off my land!' 
'Y'all are brutalizing me!' 
A parody of a famous prop comedian 
God tells him to 'leave everybody alone' 
'Milk milk lemonade! Around the corner, the fudge is made!' 
This character 'Ain't got no flying shoes' 
This character is very, very hungry 
He sings the song 'Thank You For The Ride' 
He runs and runs and runs to escape his mentally challenged parents 
This method actors favourite food is a sandwich made with raw pasta and jam 
This CEO encourages his employees to take regular 'Tofutti' breaks and raises mentally challenged goats 
This singer-songwriter is a clear parody of Eric Clapton 
This performance artist gets upstaged by an audience members indigestion issues 
This snobby character looks down on his friend for liking donuts, watching television and enjoying music incorrectly 
This old-timey character is responsible for popularizing the phrase 'Thank You' 
This 'straight' character is planning a relapse into 'homosinuality' soon that will take him to Brazil 
This southern performer has a wooden doll called 'Limber Legs' which performs a lewd, lascivious dance on his knee while he sings 
This parody of Marilyn Manson owns a chain of family pizzerias 
This fashion designer met his companion, a historical prophet, through a personal ad 
This character is a 'Racist in the Year 3000' 
Bob Odenkirk
This southern senator turns into a magical twinkling light who watches over all art, protecting people from being tittilated by it 
'A lot of people think a lot of things about Hawaii' 
This character was never named in the show itself, but is referred to by the cast by a nickname given to him for his voice and attitude 
This character 'shakes the crime stick!' 
This country singer is upset when America decides not to blow up the moon 
This singer-songwriter sings about having 'a mouthful of sores' and resembles Brian Wilson 
This man's plane crashed in the mountains, so he ate all the remaining passengers to survive. According to him, they tasted 'like chickens, delicious chickens' 
This mad scientist holds the world hostage every year via a televised event 
His ads promise that he can teach you anything using billiards 
His indigestion leads to him getting his own sitcom 
In a live competition, he invents the Electric Sports Bra 
This Reverend likes to curse on a program called 'Swear to God' 
He impersonates a law professor, and later ends up co-owning an apple butter farm, a chain of events that he had psychically predicted 
This character sings a lament in which he wonders 'Why can't people keep their willies out of holes?' 
This soul singer can't seem to schedule any time to make love 
This lovable scoundrel from across the pond co-hosts an infomercial for the Super Pan 
This historical prophet took out a personal ad to find the man who would become his 'constant companion' 
This man's number one promise: He is not a lawyer! 
This marching band composer drives a rival to madness with his talent 
This Cold War era scaremonger admits that he may have been exaggerating some of his claims 
This guidance counselor is convinced that acting is just putting on a fancy costume and yelling the loudest 
This character lives in the year 3000 and has magic beans that he rubs on his feet that give him super speed 

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