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The two components of the breastStromal: fat and suspensory ligaments, glandular: ducts and lobules
What nerves innervate the skin of the breast?Mostly T3-T5
Two major structures passing at transverse thoracic planeTrasverse thoracic plane is at the level of the disc between vertebra T4-T5 and passes through the sternal angle
These arteries supply the majority of blood to the thoracic wallThese branch off the descending aorta and anastamose with the anterior intercostal arteries. Additionally, the 1st and 2nd posterior intercostal arteries connect to the supreme intercostal artery
3 categories of diaphragm fibrous attachmentsLumbar divided into arcuate ligaments (2 medial, 2 lateral) and the 2 crura
What unite the crura of the diaphragm?NOT THE SAME AS THE MEDIAL ARCUATE LIGAMENT
What are supplied by the bronchial arteries? (3 things)Bronchial arteries supply oxygenated blood
What structure must invasive breast cancer breach to be concerned invasive vs carcinoma in situ?Carcinoma in situ considered premalignant
At which point is costodiaphragmatic recess less than a 2-rib difference?Lung/visceral pleura wlil rush into the recess when the diaphragm drops at inspiration
Components of pulmonary plexiSympathetic from sympathetic trunk, parasympathetic from vagus nerve, visceral sensory from vagus nerve
What causes a failure of the hemidiaphragm to drop during inspiration?Hemidiaphragm is paralyzed
What nerve must be damaged to cause winged scapula?This innervates the serratus anterior muscle
Which axillary lymph nodes are targeted during breast cancer surgery?These are most lateral and deep to the pec minor
What type of joint is the first sternocostal jointNo movement, cartilage fused to bone
What are the two main structures posterior to the left lung?
HintAnswerExtra Info
At which level is the aortic hiatus?Posterior to the mediaN arcuate ligament (which links the diaphragm crura)
What are the first and second major sources of blood to the breastInternal thoracic is major source
4 layers of parietal pleuraCervical: extends over lung apex, costal: lines inner thoracic cage, mediastinal: surrounds lung root (has inferior pulmonary ligament), diaphragmatic (upper diaphragm surface)
What type of innervation does not reach the body wall?
3 surfaces of the lung
What structure when distorted could indicate metastatic lung cancer?Of the tracheal bifurcation
Which part of the diaphragm has no bony attachments?This has the sternal/costal/lumbar attachments mentioned previously
What are the two components of Sappey's plexus?Sappey's = subareolar
Contents of the thorax (5: not including nerves/vessels)
What dimension is increased by the elevation of the lower ribs?This occurs during forced inspiration
Which lines of pleural reflection create the bare area for the heart?These descend to the 4th costal cartilage. At this point, the right sternal line moves inferiorly to the 6th costal cartilage. The left sternal line first moves laterally and then down to the 6th costal cartilage (leaving bare area)
At what part of lung lymph drainage will the right and left sides deviate?
What does parasympathetic innervation do the bronchus?(BUT PARASYMPATHETIC INNERVATOIN DOES CORONARY VASOCONSTRICTION!)
Posterior boundary of thoracic inlet (just name the vertebral body)Anteriorly: manubrium, laterally: inner margin of rib 1/costal cartilage)
2 functions of pleural fluidDecreases friction and keeps visceral near parietal pleura while breathing

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