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1. Often yelled, refers to a person of Indian descent
2. When something must be done
3. When something must be done (usually a response to #2)
4. When something is an enjoyable experience
5. Often accompanied with a poke
6. Variation of #5
7. When something is weak or girly
8. Someone or something that is questionable
9. Double-negative
10. Opposite of 'Go'
11. When something is frightening
12. A gaggle of male beings / Stamford residents
13. When something is desirable
14. When something is even more desirable
15. When something is undesirable
16. A louder, distorted #5, often seen during NBA Live
17. When you are content, you're real...
18. Something done in the W4F bathroom
19. ...to get scraped?
20. When you're 'not being yourself'
21. Allegedly incorrect
22. Allegedly proven
23. When a comment does not relate to the conversation
24. A bunch of amateurs
25. Referring to a person who shall not be named
26. A salutation to a fellow male Watsonite
27. When you do something impressive
28. When you do something bad (or immoral)
29. Response to an unfounded #31
30. When something is unspeakably bad
31. A ridiculous or unfounded comment
32. #7 version of #5
33. #7 version of #13
34. Served at South Dining Hall
35. When someone is not intelligent
36. A large gathering of goons
37. When something is unbelievable
38. A #7 response to an upsetting event
39. A scalding version of #5
40. Attempting to leave the current venue (typically South)

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