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Can you name the Obscure Harry Potter characters?

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Gilderoy Lockhart's biggest fan (2,5)
Durmstrang student who dribbles food down his robes (4)
Aunt Marge's pet bulldog(3,5)
House Elf belonging to Hepzibah Smith (6)
Death Eater who sets off the Dark Mark the night Dumbledore dies (6)
Student to put on the Sorting Hat immediately before Harry Potter (1)
Matron at Tom Riddle's orphanage (6)
Referee of the Quidditch World Cup Final (4)
Aragog's Wife (2)
Imperiused Muggle Junior Minister (6)
Death Eater who took a chunk out of Moody's nose (4)
Popular Singing Sorceress (2,6)
Ravenclaw Student in Harry's Year -Anthony- (5-7)
Vampire at Slughorn's party (6)
Waterski-ing Budgerigar (5)
Slytherin Team Seeker in Harry's first year (1)
Repeatedly shook Harry's hand on his first visit to the Leaky Cauldron (1)
Dudley's Best Friend (1,5)
Percy's Owl (2,5)
Harry's OWL Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Astronomy Examiner (5)
The Fat Lady's friend (4,6)
Snatcher who catches Harry, Ron and Hermione (7)
Irish World Cup Winning Seeker (4)
Wife of Nicolas Flamel (1)
Giant who killed Karkus (5)
Lavender Brown's pet rabbit (3)
Muggle Studies Professor killed by Voldemort (7)
Ghost who came all the way from Kent to attend Nearly Headless Nick's Deathday Party (2)
Author of Unfogging the Future (3)
Former Headmistress of Hogwarts and Healer at St Mungo's (5)

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