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Can you name the holiday that your pet is describing while hiding under the couch?

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My owner told me how I had disappointed him this year and then wanted to wrestle with me. I don't know what was in his meatloaf.
There are strangers coming out of the dark and invading my territory every few minutes. My owner finds this cute and is giving them treats without making them 'sit'.
There are loud noises outside in the darkness and strange lights. But at least dinner was grilled meat.
The neighboring feathery creature left an abundance of crunchy oozes in my yard again. The ones with odd colors are not edible, so why are the smaller humans seeking them?
I don't trust overly jolly strangers nibbling my human's food at night.
'We are sorry, the pet you wish to talk to saw a creature come out of a hole in the yard to check the weather for the next 6 weeks. Your pet will be back later.'
My human is missing an eye and has a scary metal hook appendage. Plus the parrot gave me a look and I like my tail where it is.
The bird was cooked and left unattended and smelled good. Apparently it wasn't for me. Thankfully they don't know I'm hiding under the couch.
My human is making strange honking sounds and there are loud noises and strange lights outside. At least I was given a countdown to when this would start so I could hide.
There were strange winged small humans everywhere and it seemed like mating season for my humans.
A human who lives nearby put a weird green 'vegetable' in front of my human's door. There was talk of using it in 'bread' *

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