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What are some Indian firsts?
An Indian kshatriya who created Buddhism and later became known as the Buddha
A nation that leads in technology, has no rivals, and accepts foreign ideas
FIRST code of written laws (Historical Firsts)
What are the Four Noble Truths?
Chinese Rebellion leader against the Tang Dynasty that lasted for 8 years
Chinese philosopher who develops Legalism
A perfect society
Dynastic Accomplishments: Developed the Silk Road, National University, and has a monopoly on Salt and Iron
A large body of salt water
Chinese philosopher who created Confucianism which was the basis of Chinese society
The location in which the battle of the Incas against the Spaniards took place
Tang concubine that rose to power during the Tang Dynasty and ruled for 20 years
A form of Buddhism that seeks sudden Enlightenment through techniques and rituals intended to quiet the mind; known as Zen in Japan
Indian religion founded by Siddhartha Gautama that believes in the Four Noble Truths
A philosophy that states natural harmony is best (small governments)
No harm or violence to all living things
Spiritual Enlightenment
FIRST to use cruelty to govern
Imaginary lines that measure how far North/South from the Equator
Castrated men used to guard the emperors wives and concubines because they posed no sexual threat
FIRST coins
Revolution around the Earth/rotation of the moon on its axis
Dynastic Accomplishments: The Mandate of Heaven
The belief that everything in the world is endowed with its own spirit
Proper Conduct
Dynastic Accomplishments: Establishes a Shadow Government until taken over
FIRST international language for trade
Denial of worldly pleasures for spiritual fulfillment
Dynastic Accomplishments: Terra Cotta Warriors and the “Great Wall”
An era associated with the early Stone Age and the use of simple stone implements and weapons
Imaginary lines that measure how far East/West of the Prime Meridian
What are the Five Vows of Jainism?
Political philosophy that states, man should be governed by strict laws and harsh punishment
Egyptian writing system; pictographs; religion
Plateau in the middle area of India
The belief that your culture is the best
One revolution around the sun
The idea that there are conflictions of complementary ideas
Metaphysical form of Confucianism developed by the Cheng brothers and Zhu Xi; later become the dominant form of Confucianism throughout East Asia
An Indian king who is responsible for spreading Buddhism outside of India
Only one partner/spouse
Marrying into the next clan over
An Indian kshatriya who founded Jainism
Chinese Emperor that tried to reestablish his own dynasty called the Xin
Son of Genghis Khan and reigned during the Yuan Dynasty in its prime power
The founder of the Gupta Empire
A theology school, usually for Sunni Muslims
Chinese philosopher who gives the idea of the mandate of heaven its philosophical basis and creates the well field system
Body of salt water (128 of them)
The duties in Hinduism including rituals (based on caste)
The founder of the Mauryan Empire (the first Indian Empire)
Cultivators farm land for a few seasons, then move on (Slash & Burn)
Gentlemen that were hired for government positions because of their intellect
A Spanish conquistador who led his small army to victory against the Incas
Sun and moon's gravitational pull
Dynastic Accomplishments: Makes a Grand Canal between the Yellow and Yangzi River
The religious leader who created the first monotheism that worked (Judaism)
The Egyptian pharaoh who developed the first monotheism
A payment that a groom and his family make to the bride for marriage
Universal Soul in a human
River south of Yellow River and flows West to East
Chinese Emperor that was the only reigning emperor during the Qin Dynasty
Dynastic Accomplishments:Bronze Age, Writing, and Oracle Bones
To please your peers with knowledge, weapons, other pleasures
Chinese Han Emperor that raises taxes in order to protect China
FIRST alphabet
A government in which local military rulers exert power
A time period associated with the later Stone Age and the use of polished stone implements and weapons
River north of Yangtze River and flows West to East
The continuous cycle of reincarnation
Caused by winds (monsoons), and heat and cooling of temperature of ocean
FIRST writing system
When a group answers their instincts
Mountain range in NorthEast India
FIRST hanging gardens
Indian religion founded by Mahavira stressing extreme asceticism
Multiple spouses
What are the five oceans?
Chinese Philosopher that followed the path of Daoism and was adamantly apolitical
What are the seven continents?
A system of marriage that allows a man to have multiple wives
Phoenician writing system; letters that made sounds, that formed words; business
The Egyptian pharaoh who created Egypt's largest empire
Buddhists who reached nirvana and stay to help others
The doctrine that said 'Christ has one nature, and His human and divine natures are inseparable'
Sudden change
Obedience to Father
Lesser Vehicle of Buddhism
Chinese Emperor that was the first to reign in the Han Dynasty
The belief that there are multiple gods or goddesses
The right to collect tribute granted to nobility and clergy by a king
Self-Denial to achieve spiritual fulfillment
A flat grassland dotted with trees
Desert in NorthWest India
A sexual lover that you don’t marry or go into a relationship other than sex
One rotation of the Earth on it's axis
The belief that there is only one god
Religious practices
The Egyptian pharaoh who united Upper and Lower Egypt
Great King
Chinese statesman that reformed the examination system
What is the largest island?
Slow gradual change
Abstinence from sex for life
The belief that there is a place saved by faith in the Amida Buddha
The religious and political leader of the Islamic nation
Invaders of India who created the caste system
Abstinence from sex for a time (or until marriage)
A Sapa-Inca (main Incan ruler) who made the fatal mistake of ordering his army to meet the Spanish unarmed
Mountain range bordering modern day Afghanistan and Pakistan
Bones that were used to predict the future
Mongolian Ruler that conquered China as well as most of Europe
When a test used to determine government positions
A device that explains dynastic change
FIRST monotheistic religion that stuck
Chinese Emperor that gave power to his concubine Yang Luifei
The Babylonian king who wrote the first code of laws
The raising of grazing animals such as sheep & cattle
Family of rulers
Chinese Concubine that rose to Emperor during the Tang Dynasty
A philosophy created by Confucius that points out basic relationships in the Chinese society
Indian polytheistic religion that believes in a caste system and reincarnation
The ending of the cycle of rebirth where you rejoin the universal soul
Characteristics needed for a culture to exist?
Greater Vehicle of Buddhism
Dynastic Accomplishments: Examination System, Block Printing, Paper, Rear Post Rudder, Porcelain, Tea, and increase of Rice crops
To turn someone Chinese culturally
FIRST people who used bronze for weapons
What does the EightFold Path consist of?
A cosmic sense of justice
The Akkadian ruler who started the first empire
A government system that has a chain of command by cabinets
River that is in NorthEast India
1st Born inherits all the wealth
Tilting of the Earth
Dynastic Accomplishments: Creates a 1.25 million man army and tries to appease enemies rather than attack, gun powder, navy is developed, compasses, paddleboats, and paper money
A group of people governed and ruled over by a sovereign
What are the 'Colored Seas'?
River that is in NorthWest India
Seasonal winds
What is the largest state island?
Sumerian writing system; wedge-shaped symbols on blocks; business

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