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Forced Order
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River Song's First Episode
The Master's Last Episode not as Missy
The Master's First Episode
S9 E4
The Time Lords' First Episode
S9 E9
Companion (Main)
The Daleks' First Episode
E9 Enemy
S9 E10
Companion (S8 E9, S9 E10)
The Cybermen's Last Episode Not in S9
S9 E3
E6 Enemy
The Ood's Last Episode Not in S9
The Silurians' Last Episode Not in S9
Christmas S9 Companion
The Ood's First Episode
S9 E8
The Ice Warriors' First Episode
S9 E12
E4 Enemy(Controlling other enemies)
Peter Capaldi's First Episode
Enemy E1+E2(Creator of Enemy)
River Song's Last Episode Not in S9
Enemy E1+E2(Friend/Enemy)
Peter Capaldi's First Regeneration Episode
E3+E4 Enemy
Episode when Odin is first mentioned
Rigsy's Last Episode
Christmas Episode Season 8
E7+E8 Enemy( Technically Clara)
S9 E11
E10 Main Enemy
Jenna Coleman's 1st Episode
Christmas S8 Enemy
S9 E2
Rigsy's First Episode
Peter Capaldi's First Episode as The Doctor
E11 Enemy
The Sontarans' First Episode
Episode where Missy's Identity is revealed
The Judoon's First Episode
Davros' First Episode
Peter Capaldi's Last Aired Episode
S9 E5
Jenna Coleman's Last Episode
Enemy E1+E2(Enemy)
The Doctor's eventual downfall that Davros made true
E5 Enemy
Companion (E5,E6,E10,E12)
The Weeping Angels' First Episode
S9 E1
The Silurians' First Episode
S9 E6
The Cybermen's First Episode
The Weeping Angels' Last Episode Not in S9
The Sontarans' Last Episode Not in S9
Maisie Williams' Character in Doctor Who
The Time Lord President
S9 E7
The Time Lords' Last Episode Not in S9
The Zygons' First Episode
Christmas S9 Enemy
Missy's First Episode
Season 9 Christmas Special
The Ice Warriors' Last Episode Not in S9
E7+E8 Enemy
E12 Enemy

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