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The 300 Spartans of King Leonidas held off the army of Xerxes I in one of history's most famous last standsGreco-Persian Wars
During this battle, when King Harold Godwinson was killed, his housecarl bodyguards stood by their oaths and fought to the death protecting his bodyThe Norman Conquest of England
The destruction of this city and the massacre of its entire population brought an end to the golden age of IslamThe Mongol Invasions
The death blow to an empire that had existed for 1500 years, the mighty walls and ragged defenders could not resist the cannons of Mehmed IIByzantine-Ottoman Wars
The mutinous army of Charles V plundered this city, where 189 Swiss Guards held back a mob of several thousand rampaging soldiersWar of the League of Cognac
This siege marked the last real attempt by the Ottoman Empire to take this mighty island fortress, defended by the Knights of St JohnOttoman-Habsburg Wars
Admiral Yi Sun-sin's ships, outnumbered 133-13, won one of history's greatest naval victories and saved the Joseon Dynasty from Japanese invasionImjin War
The Tippoo Sultan of Mysore made his last stand against the East India Company, who took the city with help from a traitor withinFourth Anglo-Mysore War
The Imperial Guard were asked to surrender at the end of this battle, after the rest of their army had broken. Their reputed reply: 'The Guard dies, it does not surrender'Napoleonic Wars
One of the most iconic moments in American history, the defenders of this mission are wiped out by the Mexican army of Santa AnnaTexan Revolution
Of the 16,000 people who began this retreat towards British India, only 1 man reached the safety of Jalalabad. The rest were killed or captured by the surrounding tribesmenFirst Anglo-Afghan War
Six Mexican military cadets refuse to retreat in the face of American attacks. Fighting to the death, they are immortalised in Mexican history as 'Los Niños Héroes'Mexican-American War
The fighting spirit and defiance of the French Foreign Legion unit here helped create the mythic reputation they enjoy to this dayFrench Intervention in Mexico
George Custer leads the 7th Cavalry to a defeat that shocks the public consciousness of America for decadesAmerican Indian Wars
The 500 remaining samurai of the Satsuma Rebellion honoured their code of bushido and fought to the death against the Imperial ArmySatsuma Rebellion
A battalion was wiped out by a Zulu army in the worst defeat for the British Empire at the hands of a native forceAnglo-Zulu War
Immediately after the above battle, around 100 British troops held off a follow up attack from another force of 4000 ZulusAnglo-Zulu War
21 Sikhs of the British Indian Army fight to the death defending their post against 10,000 Pashtun warriors, delaying the attackers long enough for reinforcements to arriveTirah Campaign
Sieged by the Afrika Korps, its defenders took on the insultfully intended 'Desert Rats' name as their moniker, with a reputation as masters of desert warfareWorld War II
British paratroopers had siezed the bridge in this town, but after 9 days awaiting relief they were forced to surrender, leading to the failure of this ambitious campaignWorld War II
The final stand of the Third Reich. Many commanders committed suicide, and most of its defenders were killed or captured by the vengeful Red ArmyWorld War II
Suddenly engaged by Chinese units, the Anglo-American force managed to avoid annihilation by fighting its way through 'Hell Fire Valley'Korean War
750 British troops were cut off by an entire Chinese army, they inflicted roughly 10,000 casualties and successfully delayed their advance towards SeoulKorean War
This battle spelled the end of French control in Indochina, due to lack of leadership and underestimating the ability of themselves and the VietminhFirst Indochina War

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