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1. Considered the epitome of sci-fi noir, it has been edited and re-cut multiple times, the 'Final Cut' being released only in 20071982
2. Kubrick's opus, much imitated and referenced by those that followed due to it's many iconic moments and artificial-intelligence villain1968
3. One of the most revolutionary sci-fi films ever, it launched the franchise that would come to define the genre for many1977
4. Containing arguably the most famous horror scene in history, H.R. Giger's creature became one of cinema's most iconic movie monsters1979
5. Generally held to be superior to the first installment, this is held as the high point of this franchise (and by many of the entire sci-fi genre)1980
6. It has had many sequels and reboots, but none have bettered the original, most famously the shocking twist ending with a statue on the beach1968
7. Considered truly visionary, and ahead of its time - but also spawned hundreds of imitations of cinema's most famous special effects scenes...'Whoa!'1999
8. One of the most thoughtful movies of the genre, it reflects the culture of the time, and its fears of nuclear war and paranoia of McCarthyism1951
9. While its genre contemporaries were being set in space or futuristic cityscapes, this movie sequel continued its setting in the post-apocalyptic Australian Outback1981
10. Regularly held as an example of a sequel surpassing the original movie, its shape-shifting villain was created with then-revolutionary CGI effects1991
11. Another excellent sequel, this film introduced the archetype of the gung ho 'space marine', and was much more action packed than the original's horror sci-fi style1986
12. A classic 80s family film, where a boy and his friend take a very memorable bike ride1982
13. A controversial film infamous for its sexual and physical violence, mostly the work of Alex DeLarge and his 'droogs'1971
14. One word: 'KHAAAAAANNNNN!!!'1982
15. A quiet invasion organised by duplicating people using pods, led to the term 'pod people' becoming an established phrase1956
16. Arguably the first sci fi film ever - Fritz Lang's silent movie shows a gleaming city of the future that hides a terrible secret1927
17. A classic family favourite, the time jumping plot led to the introduction of one of the most famous movie vehicles ever1985
18. A cult classic of typical Terry Gilliam style, where a put-upon bureaucrat tries to change a simple paperwork error, but ends up risking everything for a woman from his dreams1985
19. An early classic and genre defining movie, it was the first film set on an alien planet, and the first to depict human space travel1956
20. One of many Spielberg sci-fi movies, it is probably best remembered for its iconic (and much parodied) five-tone musical motif1977
21. Adapted from the bestselling novel, a cautionary tale of unfettered genetic creation, when a noble intent becomes a nightmare for trapped theme park guests1993
22. One of both the most expensive and most profitable movies ever made, this CGI heavy movie created a fantastical planet, as well as its blue inhabitants2009
23. A sci fi horror classic, the claustrophobia of the Antarctic station, combined with visceral special effects made this film a cult favourite1982
24. An analogy for racism and the aparteid system, this South African movie was a sleeper hit despite an unknown cast and director2009
25. A mind bending series of dreams urges the audience to 'go deeper', ending with an infamous cliffhanger2010

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