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A - City where most Thieving Stalls are located
B - Armour Dropped by General Graador
C - What you wear on your back
D - Type of Weapons and Armour that require 60 in Attack or Defence
E - Small City which is very popular with Cannonball smithers
F - Skill in which you create Bows and Arrows
G - God of Neutrality (Green)
H - Skill in which you make Potions
I - Level 15 Mining Ore
J - What does the 'Ja' in 'JAGEX' stand for
K - 'The biggest, meanest dragon around'
L - Popular Fish for F2P which requires level 40 Fishing
M - Type of YouTube Videos that have singing or comedy
N - Level 1001 God-Wars Boss
O - Level 15 Woodcutting Tree
P - Type of Damage which keeps on damaging after the battle is over
Q - Tasks that are completed to unlock areas/weapons
R - Type of attacking that has a distance
S - God of Peace and Love (Blue)
T - YouTube Member who puts many 'M' videos up
U - What a gem is before you use a Chisel on it
V - City where 'King Roald' has his castle
W - Type of NPC that casts Magical Spells
X - The member who starts 'The Blood Pact' Quest
Y - Type of Impling that can be caught at 22 Hunter
Z - God of Death and Destruction

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