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QUIZ: Can you name the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive Facts?

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The Blue Blur
One of the top selling Genesis games! 
What is the name of the game played in Alex Kidd to get prizes?
Jankenpo is the Japanese version of Rock Paper Scizzors... it's played the same as ours! 
____ Club
Some club you could join and they'd send you games, I think... Bonkers and Crystals Pony Adventure to name a few of them... 
'All your base are belong to us!' from what game?
From the European release of the game; this line was poorly translated from Japanese. 
Which game featured the lines 'Hee hee' and 'Hoo!'?
Pretty easy question if you know your stuff................ SHAMONE! HEE HEE! 
Which game featured the easter egg quote, 'Hubba Hubba', and the other quote, '____ is a wiener!'?
A very strange game, it was.... 
Which Disney character had over 3 Genesis games about himself and his friends?

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