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Can you name the Mighty Boosh Characters?

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Generic-looking jazz lover
'King of the Mods'
Enigma from the planet of Xooberon
Talking gorilla
Childlike manager of the Zooniverse
Moustached owner of the Zooniverse
Blind jazz lover
Head of the Board of Shamen
Some of his many names include 'Dreamweaver', 'Photoshop' and 'Marjorie Keek'
Bongo brother who has eight of something
Head of Reptiles at the Zooniverse and loves trumpets and bookmarks
Scaly man-fish with a mangina
Pink head with tentacles
Evil green cockney with a large polo over his left eye
Famous jazz musician who made a final record called 'Voodoo Scat' and mixed it with a drop of his blood
Child shaman
Has a face of shaving foam
Has a head made of cheese
Shaman who often refers to 'the crunch'
Made of unwound video tape
Monster made of bubblegum
Lives in a pile of bin bags behind the Nabootique
A 'woman' who often greets people with a long 'hellooooo'
A legendary actor with a secret training place in the forest
Lives in the mirror world
Works in Dixons

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