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Something's come, feel it down in my bones!
Don't care what anyone says, no one likes to be lonely!
There's a word that would hurt, I can feel on your lips!
My name is Olly. Nice to meet you. Can I tell you baby?
Oh, *title of song*, you light up the night skies!
You think you've heard this before!
It's the morning after last night, I got in late and you were up for a fight.
Winter time in London are you making plans?
Where do I go from here? Tell me, baby!
Feet on the driveway, key in the door.
*Name of song* I can't hide it. You just smiled when you walked by me.
Where do I begin? Should I tell you how bad I need you know!
Sat on my bed and looked in my eyes!
Middle of the night, when it comes creeping!
I wonder how you kiss first thing in the morning.
I can see pouring rain, see my future heading for the drain.
I've been working so hard. We spent so long apart.
This ones for the girl that I see at the coffee shop.
Strike up the band. Let's light a fire.
When you walked in the room, I thought I'd forgotten you!
I'm always at the place where your friends meet!
This is my confessional pen and paper round!
Weekends in bed, no scrambled egg or bacon!
I just got home from work, oh what have I done?
A little bit of heaven, a whole lot of hell!
Maybe your out tonight, somebody else by your side.
Nothings moving faster but I'm taking my time!
Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!
*Title of song* to get you off my mind.
*Title of song* I can see you're not yourself!
I'm finding it hard, nobody knows!

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