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Trivia QuestionsAnswers
How many friends are there in total?
Who is Ross' sister?
What is on the door of Joey's apartment?
What was Monica's nickname when she was a field goalie?
Which friend has a tattoo?
When Ross was young he made up a superhero, what was his name?
What food is Ross allergic to?
What is Monica's pet peeve?
When Chandler tells his mother he is getting married she sings this song
Ross had a girlfriend who shaved he head, what was her name?
Trivia QuestionsAnswers
What is Phoebes mother called?
Monica had a locked closet, what was in it?
Phoebe thinks this famous person is her grandfather
Who said, 'Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?'
Which friend has lost a toe?
What song was originally meant to be the theme song for friends?
What does Joey name his boat?
Who has the last ever line of Friends?
How many babies does Phoebe have for her brother?
Phoebes boyfriend, David, moved here
Trivia QuestionsAnswers
Who was 'The pile of coats' who Ross kissed?
Monica offered Joey this the first time we meet him
Who's father is a doctor?
The father of Rachel's baby is wearing what colour sweater?
What are Ross and Monica's parents are called?
Who tried to become an Ultimate Fighting Champion?
Which famous actor played Paul?
In the United Kingdom what channel is Friends broadcast on? (As of 2010)
Who is Joeys agent?
What do Joey and Chandler get for free that makes them afraid to turn the TV off?

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