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How many sides are on a standard pencil?It's an even number.
What is the common button used to activate/deactivate something?Begins with a consonant, after M.
Microsoft Inc. is owned by who?Not Steve Jobs.
What does HDMI stand for?It's 4 words, 3 of them are over 9 letters.
What is the top speed of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4?In the case of using the spacial Key...
Imperial is to Inches, Metric is to ________.Two Possible answers.
What single numeral is also a brand of snack?It's chewy.
Xbox 360 is to PlayStation 3, as Dog is to ______.Another animal...
What is one submachine gun used by the military in over 40 places?One letter, double digit number, NOT M16.
What does a camera use to capture images better?White?
What extremely popular game was produced by Rovio Mobile, and Chillingo?Birds.
What popular compuuter game is all 3D cubes, with animals and monsters.Created by Markus Persson.

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