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Sejuani to Zyra

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Sejuani's Passive
Sejuani's Q
Sejuani's W
Sejuani's E
Sejuani's R
Shaco's Passive
Shaco's Q
Shaco's W
Shaco's E
Shaco's R
Shen's Passive
Shen's Q
Shen's W
Shen's E
Shen's R
Shyvana's Passive
Shyvana's Q
Shyvana's W
Shyvana's E
Shyvana's R
Singed's Passive
Singed's Q
Singed's W
Singed's E
Singed's R
Sion's Passive
Sion's Q
Sion's W
Sion's E
Sion's R
Sivir's Passive
Sivir's Q
Sivir's W
Sivir's E
Sivir's R
Skarner's Passive
Skarner's Q
Skarner's W
Skarner's E
Skarner's R
Sona's Passive
Sona's Q
Sona's W
Sona's E
Sona's R
Soraka's Passive
Soraka's Q
Soraka's W
Soraka's E
Soraka's R
Swain's Passive
Swain's Q
Swain's W
Swain's E
Swain's R
Syndra's Passive
Syndra's Q
Syndra's W
Syndra's E
Syndra's R
Tahm Kench's Passive
Tahm Kench's Q
Tahm Kench's W
Tahm Kench's E
Tahm Kench's R
Talon's Passive
Talon's Q
Talon's W
Talon's E
Talon's R
Taric's Passive
Taric's Q
Taric's W
Taric's E
Taric's R
Teemo's Passive
Teemo's Q
Teemo's W
Teemo's E
Teemo's R
Thresh's Passive
Thresh's Q
Thresh's W
Thresh's E
Thresh's R
Tristana's Passive
Tristana's Q
Tristana's W
Tristana's E
Tristana's R
Trundle's Passive
Trundle's Q
Trundle's W
Trundle's E
Trundle's R
Tryndamere's Passive
Tryndamere's Q
Tryndamere's W
Tryndamere's E
Tryndamere's R
Twisted Fate's Passive
Twisted Fate's Q
Twisted Fate's W
Twisted Fate's E
Twisted Fate's R
Twitch's Passive
Twitch's Q
Twitch's W
Twitch's E
Twitch's R
Udyr's Passive
Udyr's Q
Udyr's W
Udyr's E
Udyr's R
Urgot's Passive
Urgot's Q
Urgot's W
Urgot's E
Urgot's R
Varus' Passive
Varus' Q
Varus' W
Varus' E
Varus' R
Vayne's Passive
Vayne's Q
Vayne's W
Vayne's E
Vayne's R
Veigar's Passive
Veigar's Q
Veigar's W
Veigar's E
Veigar's R
Vel'Koz's Passive
Vel'Koz's Q
Vel'Koz's W
Vel'Koz's E
Vel'Koz's R
Vi's Passive
Vi's Q
Vi's W
Vi's E
Vi's R
Viktor's Passive
Viktor's Q
Viktor's W
Viktor's E
Viktor's R
Vladimir's Passive
Vladimir's Q
Vladimir's W
Vladimir's E
Vladimir's R
Volibear's Passive
Volibear's Q
Volibear's W
Volibear's E
Volibear's R
Warwick's Passive
Warwick's Q
Warwick's W
Warwick's E
Warwick's R
Wukong's Passive
Wukong's Q
Wukong's W
Wukong's E
Wukong's R
Xerath's Passive
Xerath's Q
Xerath's W
Xerath's E
Xerath's R
Xin Zhao's Passive
Xin Zhao's Q
Xin Zhao's W
Xin Zhao's E
Xin Zhao's R
Yasuo's Passive
Yasuo's Q
Yasuo's W
Yasuo's E
Yasuo's R
Yorick's Passive
Yorick's Q
Yorick's W
Yorick's E
Yorick's R
Zac's Passive
Zac's Q
Zac's W
Zac's E
Zac's R
Zed's Passive
Zed's Q
Zed's W
Zed's E
Zed's R
Ziggs' Passive
Ziggs' Q
Ziggs' W
Ziggs' E
Ziggs' R
Zilean's Passive
Zilean's Q
Zilean's W
Zilean's E
Zilean's R
Zyra's Passive
Zyra's Q
Zyra's W
Zyra's E
Zyra's R

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