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Kalista to Ryze

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Kalista's Passive
Kalista's Q
Kalista's W
Kalista's E
Kalista's R
Karma's Passive
Karma's Q
Karma's W
Karma's E
Karma's R
Karthus' Passive
Karthus' Q
Karthus' W
Karthus' E
Karthus' R
Kassadin's Passive
Kassadin's Q
Kassadin's W
Kassadin's E
Kassadin's R
Katarina's Passive
Katarina's Q
Katarina's W
Katarina's E
Katarina's R
Kayle's Passive
Kayle's Q
Kayle's W
Kayle's E
Kayle's R
Kennen's Passive
Kennen's Q
Kennen's W
Kennen's E
Kennen's R
Kha'Zix's Passive
Kha'Zix's Q
Kha'Zix's W
Kha'Zix's E
Kha'Zix's R
Kindred's Passive
Kindred's Q
Kindred's W
Kindred's E
Kindred's R
Kog'Maw's Passive
Kog'Maw's Q
Kog'Maw's W
Kog'Maw's E
Kog'Maw's R
LeBlanc's Passive
LeBlanc's Q
LeBlanc's W
LeBlanc's E
LeBlanc's R
Lee Sin's Passive
Lee Sin's Q
Lee Sin's W
Lee Sin's E
Lee Sin's R
Leona's Passive
Leona's Q
Leona's W
Leona's E
Leona's R
Lissandra's Passive
Lissandra's Q
Lissandra's W
Lissandra's E
Lissandra's R
Lucian's Passive
Lucian's Q
Lucian's W
Lucian's E
Lucian's R
Lulu's Passive
Lulu's Q
Lulu's W
Lulu's E
Lulu's R
Lux's Passive
Lux's Q
Lux's W
Lux's E
Lux's R
Malphite's Passive
Malphite's Q
Malphite's W
Malphite's E
Malphite's R
Malzahar's Passive
Malzahar's Q
Malzahar's W
Malzahar's E
Malzahar's R
Maokai's Passive
Maokai's Q
Maokai's W
Maokai's E
Maokai's R
Master Yi's Passive
Master Yi's Q
Master Yi's W
Master Yi's E
Master Yi's R
Miss Fortune's Passive
Miss Fortune's Q
Miss Fortune's W
Miss Fortune's E
Miss Fortune's R
Mordekaiser's Passive
Mordekaiser's Q
Mordekaiser's W
Mordekaiser's E
Mordekaiser's R
Morgana's Passive
Morgana's Q
Morgana's W
Morgana's E
Morgana's R
Nami's Passive
Nami's Q
Nami's W
Nami's E
Nami's R
Nasus' Passive
Nasus' Q
Nasus' W
Nasus' E
Nasus' R
Nautilus' Passive
Nautilus' Q
Nautilus' W
Nautilus' E
Nautilus' R
Nidalee's Passive
Nidalee's Q
Nidalee's W
Nidalee's E
Nidalee's R
Nocturne's Passive
Nocturne's Q
Nocturne's W
Nocturne's E
Nocturne's R
Nunu's Passive
Nunu's Q
Nunu's W
Nunu's E
Nunu's R
Olaf's Passive
Olaf's Q
Olaf's W
Olaf's E
Olaf's R
Orianna's Passive
Orianna's Q
Orianna's W
Orianna's E
Orianna's R
Pantheon's Passive
Pantheon's Q
Pantheon's W
Pantheon's E
Pantheon's R
Poppy's Passive
Poppy's Q
Poppy's W
Poppy's E
Poppy's R
Quinn's Passive
Quinn's Q
Quinn's W
Quinn's E
Quinn's R
Rammus' Passive
Rammus' Q
Rammus' W
Rammus' E
Rammus' R
Rek'Sai's Passive
Rek'Sai's Q
Rek'Sai's W
Rek'Sai's E
Rek'Sai's R
Renekton's Passive
Renekton's Q
Renekton's W
Renekton's E
Renekton's R
Rengar's Passive
Rengar's Q
Rengar's W
Rengar's E
Rengar's R
Riven's Passive
Riven's Q
Riven's W
Riven's E
Riven's R
Rumble's Passive
Rumble's Q
Rumble's W
Rumble's E
Rumble's R
Ryze's Passive
Ryze's Q
Ryze's W
Ryze's E
Ryze's R

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