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Married Emma, owned the dot
Going out with Declan
Declans Sister
Rich and Has a Sister who needs Help
Model who moved to paris
Raped at a party after given dat rape drug
Shared Apartment with Marco and Ellie
Savs sister
Best friend is Manny
Was shot and is in a wheel chair
Best Friend got married, is dating Jay
Was addicted to drugs, dated Mia
Used to date ellie
Dated KC best friend is Alli
Has a little sister in school with him, won student council president
Dated Sean, lived with marco and paige
Went out with Alli
Likes guys and girls, Gay but needs help controling feelings
Played boys football, cheated on her boyfriend
Was stabbed and instantly killed my Johnny's friends
Stole Emmas Boyfriend at Prom
Liberty's little sister
went out with Clare, lives in a group home
Gay lived with Ellie and Paige
Going out with KC
Likes Alli and is running for 10th grade rep

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