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Broken LyricFinished LyricSong
You're a diamond short of perfect, but your body still sparkles, I'm on a knee holdin' your left hand...Another You
What the hell babe, damn I ain't never felt this way, somebody somebody tell me...Up To You
She touches me, and I'm wishing that they were your hands, and when I'm with her it's only bout the sex...She Ain't You
I get all tongue-tied, lost in your eyes...Should've Kissed You
My head to your chest feeling your heartbeat girl, swimming all in your sea...Wet The Bed
Not gonna lie to you, wasn't expecting you to have me on my knees yeah, I'm gonna make you cry...Beg For It
He's saying he's your best friend, and he's always the one in your ear, I know that he's been waiting...Marvin's Room
Feels like I'm in a dream, baby we're going somewhere you've never been before...Yeah 3x
Your clothes, look good but they look great on the floor...All Off
When you're showing me all the ways to love, damn it drives me crazy I can't get enough, but you showed me baby...Sex Love
Broken LyricFinished LyricSong
You said you were finished with this love, so I said why you giving up on us...Last Time Together
In the middle of the night when I call ya phone, I love it when you tell me...Perfume
Just want you on my team girl, and I don't give a damn about nothing else...Life Itself
You've got that smile, that only heaven can make, I pray to God every day...Next 2 You
I just like everything ya do cause I know you keep me in check, and if a girl tries to push up on me... Talk That ****
Took a red and a blue pill, now I can't decide what's make believe or real...Matrix
If there is a green light and it starts to turn yellow, pedal to the floor cause...All Back
All this bottle popping got me feeling nicely, leaving by myself if highly unlikely, looking for a right now don't need no wifey...Sing Like Me
Tell her I miss her, tell her I need her, tell her I want her, I really want her...So Cold
Girl I know you want it, ain't no change for all these hundreds, I'm about to make it rain...Spend It All

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