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QUIZ: Can you name the words that end in 'mania'?

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intense desire to be in open spacesA
abnormal sexual interestA
obsessive preoccupation with numbersA
irrational self-centered attitudeE
excessive desire to work; workaholismE
abnormally powerful sex driveE
abnormal sexual obsession with womenG
irrational craving for waterH
irrational predilection for stealingK
abnormal tendency towards grand behaviourM
sexual obsession with dead bodiesN
excessive or crazed sexual desireN
abnormal compulsion for pulling on the penisP
habit of biting one’s nailsP
mania for moneyP
mania for warP
obsession with pornographyP
irrational predilection for lyingP
craze for starting firesP
abnormally great male sexual desireS
obsession with scribblingS
craze for SporcleS
obsession with stamp-collectingS
craze for technologyT
craze for wordsV
inordinate attachment to foreign things

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