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Can you answer the slightly obscure trivia questions about Avatar the Last Airbender?

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Book One: Water
What is the name of the Fire Sage who helps Aang talk to Roku? 
What air temple is Aang from? 
Who helps Aang return from the spirit world after talking to Koh? 
Who tells Katara she will marry a powerful bender? 
What invention is stolen by the Fire Nation at the Northern Air Temple? 
What traditional Southern Water Tribe dish does Aang hate? 
Who teaches Katara a lesson in healing? 
What is the name of Sokka and Katara's father? 
What is the name of Avatar Roku's dragon? 
What are the names of the ocean and moon spirits? 
Book Two: Earth
What are the names of the nomads that show the group the Cave of Two Lovers? 
What town is Toph from? 
Who does Lao Beifong hire to capture and return Toph? 
Who was the last person to visit Wan Shi Tong's library before Team Avatar? 
Which Pai Sho tile symbolizes a secret society? 
What names do Zuko and Iroh go by in the Earth Kingdom? 
Where does Guru Pathik wait for Aang and Appa? 
Whose little brother was accidentally 'kidnapped' by Team Avatar in Omashu? 
Who is totally defeated by Azula during her coup at Ba Sing Se? 
What style of fighting does Ty Lee use to disable benders? 
Book Three: Fire
What are the names of Azula's firebending masters? 
What instrument is Aang not very good at? 
Who does Azula kiss? 
What is Zuko and Azula's mother's name? 
In what episode does Zuko first redirect lightning? 
What Fire Nation group is responsible for the death of Sokka and Katara's mother? 
What creature helps Team Avatar find Uncle Iroh before the comet arrives? 
What is the name of the prisoner who escapes with Zuko, Suki, Sokka, and his dad from the Boiling Rock? 
What does the Lion Turtle teach Aang? 
Where does the last scene of the show take place? 

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