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For whose murders was Dolohov sent to Azkaban?
What was the one charm Gilderoy Lockhart was adept at performing?
Whose death was used to create the Nagini horcrux?
Which food was Winky's nose said to resemble?
Which battle took place on May 2nd, 1998?
Who did Neville Longbottom marry?
Which Death Eater, along with Dolohov, attacked Harry, Ron & Hermione on Tottenham Court Road?
What was Remus Lupin's blood status?
Gilderoy Lockhart received an Order of Merlin - which class was it?
What is the one facial feature that a Dementor has?
What shape does the patronus of Ernie MacMillan take?
What was the name of Hagrid's mother?
Which of the Marauders became a Prefect at Hogwarts?
What is Professor Flitwick's first name?
Which subject did Professor Quirrell teach before Defence Against The Dark Arts?
Rufus Scrimgeour was said to resemble which animal?
Which Quidditch team did Ginny Weasley go on to play for?
Remus Lupin was born in the same month as Ron, which is?
During which of his academic years was Hagrid expelled?
How many times had Gilderoy Lockhart won Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award?
What is the name of Draco Malfoy's paternal grandfather?
Hannah Abbott went on to become the landlady of which wizarding pub?
Which of the trio returned to Hogwarts to complete their seventh year?
Kennilworthy Whisp is a fan of which Quidditch team?
What was the name of referee at the 1994 Quidditch World Cup?
How many children did Draco Malfoy have? (That we know of)
Which creature did Quirrell vanquish for an African prince?
How many questions were there in Lockhart's first lesson quiz about himself?
Gellert Grindelwald attended which magical school?
Who forged the first Golden Snitch?
Evan Rosier was killed by which Auror?
Professor McGonagall was born in this month.
What is the name of Grindelwald's prison?
What word is used to describe somewhere which has been charmed not to appear on a map?
Apart from dragons, which other powerful magical creature is used to guard some Gringotts vaults?
Which parent of Dean Thomas's was magical?
Which house was Tonks in?
What is Professor Trelawney's middle name?
Which wood is Draco Malfoy's wand made of?
Who did Luna Lovegood marry?

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