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Who was the Apparition teacher?
Name of the wizarding radio singer?
Dudley was born in this month.
Weasley uncle who saw a Grim?
Most magical number?
Herbology professor before Sprout?
Wizard caught smuggling magic carpets.
Last name of Ancient Runes Professor?
Seeker for the Irish National Team?
First name of flying teacher?
Author of Advanced Potion Making
This creature staged a rebellion in Hogsmeade in 1612.
The ... Feint, a move in Quidditch
Peverell brother from whom Harry is descended.
Rodolphus Lestrange's brother.
Middle name of the Minister for Magic from 1990-1996.
Method by which the Ravenclaw diadem was destroyed.
The Ministry's supply of these items was destroyed in battle in 1996.
Harry Potter's room number at the Leaky Cauldron in 1994.
This charm creates a Secret-Keeper.
Harry Potter was what age when he joined the Auror Department?
Ginny Weasley was born in this month.
Maiden name of Draco Malfoy's wife?
Professor Trelawney attempted to hide bottles previously containing which alcohol?
The quill shop in Hogsmeade is called...
Hermione Granger's biggest fear is?
Molly Weasley's maiden name?
Justin Finch-Fletchley has his name down for which school before Hogwarts?
What is the password for the one-eyed witch statue?
Ludo Bagman played this position on the Wimbourne Wasps Quidditch team.
Fleur and Bill Weasley have this many children.
The first name of Molly Weasley's deceased brother, whose watch Harry now owns.
The Elder Wand contains hair from the tail of which animal?
Azkaban is in the middle of which body of water?
The scar above Dumbledore's knee is a perfect map of what?
The spy from the Ministry who worked for Voldemort in the First Wizarding War was who?
Harry, Ron and Hermione fought with this type of troll in their first year.
The Hogwarts pupil who tried to slip Harry love potion was?
Aberforth Dumbledore's patronus takes what shape?
Fred & George's infamous products, Skiving ...?

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