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1939Henry (The 'Ringo Kid')
1942Jim Gordon
1944Wedge Donovan
1944Lieutenant j.g. Rusty Ryan
1947Quirt Evans
1948Thomas Dunson
1948Captain Kirby York
1949Captain Nathan Brittles
1949Sergeant John M. Stryker
1950Lt. Colonel Kirby York
1952Sean Thornton
1953Hondo Lane
1954Dan Roman
1956Genghis Khan
1956Ethan Edwards
1959John T. Chance
1959Colonel John Marlowe
1960Colonel David Crockett
1961Jake Cutter
1962Tom Doniphon
1962Lt. Colonel Benjamin Vandervoort
1962General William Tecumseh Sherman
1963Michael Patrick Donovan
1963George Washington McLintock
1965Captain Rockwell Torrey
1965John Elder
1967Taw Jackson
1967Cole Thornton
1968Colonel Mike Kirby
1968Chance Buckman
1969U.S. Marshal Reuben J. 'Rooster' Cogburn
1969Colonel John Henry Thomas
1970John Chisum
1970Cord McNally
1971Jacob McCandles
1972Wil Andersen
1973J.D. Cahill
1974Detective Lieutenant Lon McQ
1975Title Character
1975Title Character
1976John Bernard Books

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