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QUIZ: Can you name the things that dave, mike, and wes might know?

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ThingAnswerExtra Hint
I'm all hopped up __ ________ ___!Talledega Nights
Bonesaw __ _____Spider-man
___ ___ ___, ____. Ray and RayNFL
Flameo, ______Avatar (the real avatar)
____ out.Star Trek
You lint ______!Orbit
___I say this to mike all the time
You ____ even ____!Will Ferrell
He was the _______!Will Ferrel again
____ _____ over hereLeft 4 Dead
So, what _____ are we gonna _____Happens all the time
Mike's favorite baseball teamObvious, he loves them
Dave is a _______ master493
Wes's plays shooting games inverted because of this gameRCP90's
You guys watch ______?Jim Halpert
You're lyin ____. I saw you down at the _______ ________ and that thing got ___John Krasinski
A show we watchJack Bauer kill of the week
A show we watchCal Lightman
ThingAnswerExtra Hint
A show we watchPeter Griffin
A show we watchMichael Scott
A show we watchcrazy aliens
Previous home of Mike and Wescinderblock walls
Code for the 12 pound bowling ball that's still at terp zoneit's blue. Dave probably won't get this one
Name of the 13 pound bowling ballit's yellowish?
Name of Dave's coolest roommatevery sexy
Most important holidayPhD it
What is Dave's favorite pokemon?it's not as cool as haunter
What is Wes's favorite pokemon?psychic, thunderbolt, surf, ice beam
This one is kind of hardOnce you get it, you'll feel better
Mike is amazing at this game.there are a lot
Is this the last question?yes
Is this the last question?no
What Mike says while offering you a cheeseburger.He's good at it, too
I am always right.VIKI

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